an indispensable function is of course monitoring risk

1945-2022 is the era of the Ashkenazi Jew pretending to be big intellects and the only people to lead the world when the reality is they are mostly just gangsters and criminals

Ashkenazi Jews who totally control the USA are sending sophisticated weapons to Ukraine this will provide Russians with the opportunity to target NATO installations in Europe and Eastern Europe

It looks increasingly likely that Ashkenazi Jewish-controlled Ukraine is in its final weeks of trying to maintain control of southeastern Ukraine so the war is pretty much over

Always amusing to realize the power of the internet yes the criminal Ashkenazi Jews want to suppress speech but it will not be possible Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping listen carefully to my arguments

Mr Putin and his advisors have understood my arguments they realize Halford Mackinder made some interesting arguments I will argue again the Russians are aiming for Arabia and its oil

I have called up many of the ambassadors in Washington most from Europe and very few have responded most appear to be totally under the control of Ashkenazi Jews in the United States and Israel

First Ukraine total destruction of Ukraine then build military capacity for next incursion into Turkey total destruction of Turkey then move on to Arabia for the oil fields

I expect the military incursion of Ukraine to be permanent pretty much but it is going to be a platform for Russian military incursion into Turkey pretty much total destruction of Turkey

The truth cannot be spoken on Twitter, the Ashkenazi Jews censor me there just like they have on but hardcore truth will be at my 5 web sites

I will use Twitter to "advertise" to a wider audience and to communicate with governments and heads of state, you have probably figured that out by now

I have not spoken to them but I am certain that both Mr Vladimir Putin and Mr Xi Jinping agree with me and what I argue indeed whatever I argue

It's amazing how Vladimir Putin & the Russians have raised the price of crude oil & other valuable commodities by invading Ukraine therefore raising their revenue substantially financing their war

Americans do not study history and do not understand what has happened in the world in the past 170 years, now they are totally dominated by criminal Ashkenazi Jews

I will soon get review copy from Princeton University Press of Zero to Birth by William A Harris developmental neurobiologist and will write a review as well as interview him

There is not too much change in the world since Mr Vladimir Putin ordered Russian military forces into Ukraine the world is now finishing its Ashkenazi Jew era 1945-2022

Having a dialogue with the world's heads of state is pretty interesting actually it is not much of a dialogue I tell them pretty much what to think and they listen so I tell them what to do

I am still planning to do a "newshour" every day, in audio and I will comment on what is going on in the world I am just getting back to work

Several days ago I realized that the cause of WWII was Ashkenazi Jews migrating to Germany from Poland and the Pale of Settlement starting in the 1870s

WWIII is pretty much imminent and its cause is the migration of Ashkenazi Jews to the USA from the Pale of Settlement from 1880-1920

As a consequence of WWIII the USA will be totally destroyed and much of the population will perish especially the 7.6 million or so Ashkenazi Jews

The Curious Appearance and then Disappearance of Cleve Blakemore [on the Net]

Aug 27, 2022

Some good stories is always fun and this is a good story. I was on the net with World Affairs Monthly [] in the early days, in March/April 2002. I was the first and only real journalist on the net with a professional web site. Audio and video files were installed by January 2003. The journalists at BBC were utterly shocked and amazed that I did this before they got this technology. BBC journalists always admired me, and I did of course have some respect for them in the old days because as I traveled around the world – with my wife – in the 1990s I listened on my little Sony shortwave radio to BBC World Service. I would buy print newspapers too, either the Financial Times or the International Herald Tribune. So I rarely would lose contact with the world, I knew what was going on.

Then of course I settled in Bodega Bay, CA. It was sort of a drag to settle down but our intention was to have children and so I knew that my travel days were finished. Caring for the children was going to be a big job, I was going to never leave them out of my sight. They are young adults now. The oldest – he was born in 2000 – is a scientist, engineer and inventor. He's on the net at The younger one – he was born in 2003 – is a helicopter pilot, with private license, commercial license, and flight instructor license. He's now working as a flight instructor. So things are fine but you should realize what I did with them since they were born. You will have to take a look at to find out what I did. It's kind of interesting.

What does this have to do with Cleve Blakemore? And who is Cleve Blakemore? I really do not know, all I know is that he found World Affairs Monthly on the net and reached out to me, asking questions, praising my journalism. He told me he was astounded by how excellent the operation was. He was apparently living in Australia. I think he told me he was Jewish, from New York – or half Jewish, either his mother or father was a Jew. Cleve Blakemore had the internet, was on the net all the time, and my children were on the net all the time – when they were old enough, about 10 years old. Their brains – and Cleve Blakemore's brain -- are absorbing the information on the net – 24/7 almost. I do not know how old Blakemore is but I am assuming he is probably now around 50. We used to talk occasionally, from 2003 until 2006 or so. He had a blog named Vault-Co, I recall it was a blogging software. It was interesting. He said a number of times in his blog that I was the most interesting guy on the net, that my work was brilliant, spectacularly brilliant. It was flattering of course but I was interested in why he was so intrigued. Why was he so interested?

Back in the old days I was from time to time pretty much convinced there would eventually be a “nuclear war” and it wouldn't just be a few exchanges of ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads – it would be an all out volley and exchange of hugely destructive weaponry. When I say the old days I mean back in the 1970s, 1980s and then of course even the 1990s. Then it became more intense, this intuition of mine, in the early 2000s. Blakemore apparently had the same feeling – that it was inevitable. So he was just amazed by my arguments and of course my arguments as usual are pretty compelling.

I knew the Jews, Ashkenazi Jews. I knew they were crazy, that they are mostly criminals, and that they were hell bent on completely taking control of the United States of America and indeed they have now done so. I also knew however that both the Slavs and the Han Chinese were not going to be little obedient fawning dogs forever – they were going to reemerge as powerful entities. It was going to be a multi-polar world – obviously. Yet if you listened to the pompous Ashkenazi Jews who lorded over everyone around the world there was no way the Slavs and the Chinese were going to be anything but their servants and indeed slaves. Jews have every intention to conquer both Russia and China. It seems that Blakemore was convinced by my arguments.

I know I am likely to be right: when the insane and megalomaniacal Jews realize they are not going to be ruling the entire world and lording over everyone there is going to be a big problem. The big problem?

Nuclear war. You do not want to live where the Jews live: Los Angeles, San Francisco and the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Washington DC, Miami, Israel, Paris [France], London. Those cities are likely to be targeted and they are likely to be totally obliterated in a nuclear war. The Ashkenazi Jews in Germany took on the Germans in the 1920s and 1930s and they were pretty much annihilated. This time I predict there will not be any Jews left. Near total extermination.

Cleve Blakemore is nowhere to be found on the net. Totally disappeared. Pretty strange. I would like to talk to him. If you read this Cleve then email me or call me. Would be great to talk to you. Blakemore was talking about building bunkers – bunkers for nuclear war. I was also interested in doing that but I have a smallish property in Bodega Bay. I have a much larger property in Nevada and I am planning on building a bunker there.

The United States government is dominated and controlled by absolutely freaky people – Ashkenazi Jews. They are criminals and there is no doubt that when they realize they are in fact just descendants of pawn shop retailers from Pale of Settlement shtetls the most horrible things are going to happen. Jews were not tolerated for hundreds of years in Europe, from the 1500s onward. They were not tolerated when living in the Slav's domain. Millions of them escaped to the United States – from 1880 until around 1920. This was a fatal mistake, to allow them into the United States.

The [highly likely] result will be nuclear war. The images below: first the Rational Wiki for Mr Cleve Blakemore; and second a Financial Times article [August 22, 2022] warning of nuclear war in Asia – with the Chinese – by a Hoover Institution “Japan expert”. It is a creepy article and I know how crazy and deranged the Ashkenazi Jews are. I do not know if Michael Auslin is Ashkenazi, I kind of doubt it. He's one of these guys who goes over to Japan to look for Asian women – he might have a thing for Asian women. I will try to talk to him, see if he will do an interview. I doubt he will but I will try.

[It turns out that Mr Michael Auslin is Jewish. I should have checked before I published this article but I failed to do due diligence. Hoover Institution does not respond to my requests to talk to him nor does the Hoover Institution Press. Of course it is not surprising that he is Ashkenazi Jew I sensed he could be but I said to myself, "Oh come on Tom they are not everywhere!"]

The third image is some unsurprising information about the numerous sex offenders living in Israel. Nice place, Israel. The fourth image is the only really serious Amazon review of Michael Auslin's book titled Asia's New Geopolitics: Essays on Reshaping the Indo-Pacific [May 1, 2020].

Again, kind of gives you the creeps. I have added a fifth image which is an Israeli newspaper article on how Jews in the Ottoman Empire were very much favoring homosexual relations as well as sexual relations with young boys. Ashkenazi Jews as well as Sephardic Jews are undoubtedly deranged. Does anyone have to wonder why they were herded into Ghettos starting the mid-16th century Italy? Christian Europeans sought relief -- and they got relief for more than 2 centuries. Then the nightmare reappeared. Integration of Jews into the high level and high achieving Western society.   

We have a very profound problem, precisely the problem the Germans had in the 1920s and 1930s. Very frightening and very creepy.